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These websites will help you to either make resources for your child or provide you with games to play at home: - Free downloadable resources for all areas of the curriculum. - Free downloadable print-outs and games matching each phase of phonics teaching 1-6. - This is a very educational site, particularly 'Alphablocks' which teaches phonics correctly, matching what is taught in schools. - A great way to get reading books online if that's easier for you. - A great resource for online games. - A fun way to learn phonics right from the beginning. - Great parental info and appropriate apps for apple devices - Phonics games linked to each phonic phase. - Passionate dyslexia assessor. - Speech and language therapy tips and

support. - An amazing app for finding clubs and activities that are local to

you (search Featured Parents and see us!!!)


There are also several apps out there on the market that suit a range of devices. However, be careful with these, as I have found that so many of the most accessible ones are American and are therefore the incorrect way to teach phonics, writing and number. Please contact me if you are wishing to purchase one and I will check that it is correct before you spend your hard earned money!! Also, keep up-to-date with recommendations via my facebook page.