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I am so proud and thankful to have built up these amazing reviews from parents and grandparents.....



Thurs 25th August

THANK YOU!! It is so reassuring knowing that there is a friendly Panda who will give an honest and impartial answer who has been there on both sides. I am so pleased I came across Panda Education. I think what you have done, and continue to do (until I drive you crazy with endless mummy-worries!) is incredible. It's hard enough being a mum, let alone a teacher AND mum and yet you still give your time to help support and encourage the rest of us. Pandas are a rare breed and very special xx



Fri 15th July

Hi Sharon well done on your site you have great reviews :) love ur hands on helpful approach



Thurs 14th July

Wow Sharon, this looks like a brilliant resource. My little one is three and will go to school next September. Your tips on getting them ready for the independent practicalities of school. Nursery will help with this of course, especially as it's a Montessori, but I need to focus on some of the cutting food/zips stuff more at home.

Oh, and I shall share your site with my big online Mum's group, they'll love it!


Mums with sons

Apr 2016

Having an online teacher is an absoloute dream!The website was great! I'll definitely be going to it for advice in the future!



12th Apr 2016

I love your philiosophy of what #children need!



Apr 2016

I often use the tips with my little boy. Thank you!



Tues 2nd Feb 2016

Subject: Website

I had a quick look at your website and love what you are doing. When my eldest started school I had no idea what I should be doing with her. This is exactly what I needed!



Tues 2nd Feb 2016

Subject: Website

What a useful site, thanks.



Mon 1st Feb 2016

Subject: Website

Thank you for great information on your website - my children are of pre-school age and your suggestions on what to expect/how best to prepare them for school are very useful :-)



Sun 31st Jan 2016

Subject: Website

I've had a really good look through your site which has been helpful, thank you. Thank you so much for taking the time to do all this, it's really giving me something to focus on and stopping me feeling so anxious about the unknown!



Fri 8th Jan 2016


Sharon has been my information angel over the last few months, offering me advice and support during a difficult period in my daughters education. Dyslexia and Dyscalculia are words I didn't want to hear in relation to my child and even though the results aren't in yet I know I can deal with whatever comes our way because I have a Panda in my corner...BIG thanks lady!



Mon 7 Dec 2015


We went to the opticians today to be tracked, the optician was great and said, without doubt her brain words as 2 halves, not together, and that she has found a coping mechanism. She is highly intelligent, so it is masked. The outcome is glasses! Thank you for the info - happy mummy!


Worcester Learning Zone

Sun 22 November 2015

Subject: Dyslexia

I recently had need of a webpage or resource that would explain dyslexia simply and visually without being patronising to an adult learner. I asked the lovely Sharon from Panda-Education if she had any ideas, and she not only sent me some info-graphics, but blog posts, web pages, games and pictures. If you don't already follow her page, please go take a look and 'like' her page as she really is incredibly knowledgeable about all things education and early years.



Thu 21 May 2015

Subject: Thanks

I just wanted to say thank you for the good advice and quick response you gave to my query. It gave me peace of mind without having to leave the house :-)


Mon 18 May 2015

Subject:Thank you

Just wanted to at a big thank you for all of the support and advice you have given me on how to go about taking the right steps to guiding my eager little girl to read. You went above and beyond, and put me in the right direction. Your website is truly brilliant and a definite must for all mums.

Thank you once again, right, off to practise my phonic sounds!! Xx


Sat 21 Feb 2015

Subject:Panda-Education rocks!

Great advice and support for parents. It is so fantastic and refreshing to look at the education system from a parents viewpoint with practical ideas about how parents can support their precious little ones on their learning journey. 😃


Thu 19 Feb 2015


Thank you for always knowing just what to post - It is too easy to beat yourself up as a parent for all the things you should be doing. Your posts so often help to put it all into perspective and put my priorities straight again. Thanks for always knowing what to post and when x


Thu 15 Jan 2015


I love the way you break down the jargon into a parent friendly format. Keep up the good work Panda!


Tue 25 Nov 2014

Subject:Fun Phonics

Hello Panda. Big thank you for your advice on how to encourage my son who is in reception to do his homework.

It has always been a big task to have him do as I ask especially when it comes to writing and colouring, this doesn't seem to interest him at all. He receives phonics homework 3-4 times a week and until recently this has created a lot of stress and upset.

Your advice on trying out different mediums for writing letters has been a good tip to diversify from pencil writing. I have found the most helpful advice for us, was to pretend to be silly and do his homework wrong, this really catches his attention and he loves to tell us how to do it right.

Thank you Panda for helping us have far less stress in the evening, and of course, for helping us find a way to make phonics writing fun.


Sun 06 Apr 2014

Subject:phonics advice

Thank you so much panda education for all the advice, reassurance and useful tips you have given me to help me support my daughter who is in reception class with her learning. I was told that she was underperforming at parents evening one night, despite me asking whether i should be practising some of her sounds which she never progressed to at school and being dismissed, saying "we've moved on now". Since having been on this website and following some of the helpful suggestions and tips, my four year old daughter now comes back from school saying it is nice, rather than hard work. Thank you panda education.


Thu 20 Mar 2014


Thankyou so much to panda education - today they saved me from a frustrating 7 year olds homework task!! I knew the answers but didn't know what was the simplest way to explain it. A message to panda, a response within minutes and I had what was earlier a confused little boy telling me his homework was now easy peasy and was completed in 5 minutes!! Fantastic website - will recommend it to everyone :)


Sun 02 Feb 2014

Subject:New website

Brilliant website, this basic information is invaluable as a link from teachers to parents. This website address should be given out to all parents on a child's 2nd birthday as a matter of course, perhaps through health centres, libraries, pre-school establishments. It's simple basic information should make a huge impact for mothers and those in schools supporting their children.


Sun 26 Jan 2014


If only there had been a website like this when my two children were young. Starting school is a huge milestone in a child's life and indeed in a Mother's and for a Mother to know they have done their best to make it as smooth and trouble free for their child is wonderful. A site definately worth visiting.




Sun 19 Jan 2014

Subject:Using Lego Bricks

What an absolutely brilliant suggestion to use Lego bricks to help with maths problems! Fractions, more than and less than, and probably lots more you can do. The simple ideas are often the best. As grandmother, I just wish Lego was around when I was young! it would have made maths so much easier to understand! I shall certainly be recommending this site to the other grandparents I know.


Sun 29 Dec 2013

Subject:Preparing your child for school

Thanks for the really useful page on preparing your child for school.Some of which I had not thought of, for example opening packages in their lunch box. Some of which we are doing but it has made me really realise the importance of developing her independence over the next few months to make sure she is ready for school.



Thu 07 Nov 2013

Subject:Excellent service

Fantastic help from a super website, helped me loads with resources/suggestion/advise to help my son with special needs/disabilities at home. So dedicated and honest in helping others achieve their best. Would highly recommend to any parent wanting any advise on education. I will be using again!!! Thank you