Barriers to reading
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Barriers to Reading

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There are several factors that may cause a child to struggle with reading but please remember that the art of reading is not a race. Every child is different, with a unique learning style and their own pace. All children will eventually learn to read! But if you have ANY concerns, please contact me.


* Children who struggle to read or remain on task may have undiagnosed vision problems. A normal eyesight test (such as those performed at school or in the opticians) will test for sharpness of vision but there are several more processes required in children's vision, such as eye teaming, tracking and focusing. These 'hidden' problems can keep your child from performing at their best and can be rectified simply. One of my closest friends has experienced the impact of tracking with both of her children, and, as such, highlighted me to this issue, but by catching it quickly, her children have continued to make fantastic progress in their reading. I have made a powerpoint on these issues - if anyone would like a copy, please contact me.


* Dyslexia is another barrier to reading. It can be hard to ascertain as most children will go through the steps most commonly associated with dyslexia when they begin to read.






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