Reading in school
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Reading in school - what to expect

Reading in school - what does it look like?


*Your child will read with the teacher within the first few (induction) weeks at school so that they can see what your child can do and they will then be given a reading book that will be sent home to you (see F.A.Q's)


REMEMBER - your child may not read as well at school as they do at home due to the change in adult; or vice versa - they may excel at school and struggle at home. This is extremely common and no need to worry. If your child continually has books sent home that they either find too easy or struggle with, talk to the teacher about this.


*Initially, children will be expected to talk about the story through the use of the pictures; to be able to answer questions using the pictures and to be able to predict(guess) what will happen next (this skill should be encouraged and children should never be made to feel that their predictions are wrong)


*Once they learn letter sounds, they will be asked to recognise the sounds they know within the text ("What does this sound say? How many of the letter 'a' can you see?")and if they are confident with phonics, they will be asked to blend these sounds to read the simpler words in the text.


*They will work on the book as a whole and be introduced to terms such as front cover, back cover, title, blurb, author, illustrator, spine.


*They will be asked to re-tell the story once it has been read ("What can you remember from the story? What happened at the beginning, middle, end? What did you like about the book?") Your child can use the book as a guide to help to answer these questions as these skills develop.