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What is Phonics?

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Phonics is the prime way that children are taught to read and write in schools. Schools will differ on the particular scheme that they may use to supplement their teaching, but the requirements will remain the same.


These schemes allow children to embrace a variety of learning styles. There are pros and cons to any scheme. Please contact me via the thumbnails above if you would like more information on a particular scheme.


Children will work their way through a phased programme, teaching them the complete set of phonemes (letter sounds) within the English language. Take a look at all the sounds your child will learn in their first year of school.


The most difficult part of phonics teaching for us, as parents, is to understand,

Firstly how to say the sounds -


I love "Alphablocks" by CBeebies to help us with this. They characterise a set of alphabet letters who say a discrete letter sound, and then hold hands to make words, in exactly the same way as schools would teach children to word build. Click on the A-Z signpost within this link to see what they do. These are the single letter sounds, but there are also a whole range of further sounds to learn.


Also, "Mr Thorne Does Phonics" videos are really useful - (A teacher who has become a you tube sensation! Click on his 'synthetic phonics' video)

and Secondly, how to segment (break up) each sound in a word -


TOP TIP: The secret to segmenting is - can you hear each sound? Eg Black is split like this b - l - a - ck because you can hear every sound except the separate 'c' sounds. A lot of misconceptions occur here eg: bl - a - ck.


Have a go at playing my game to see how well you do!!


Please contact me if you need further guidance with this. I am happy to help.