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Who would have thought five years ago, I would be here with five published books and a name that people near and far are noticing!


I used to work as a teaching assistant but decided to start writing stories for young children instead.


“Suzie” was a character that I created in my college days whilst training for my NNEB back in the 90’s.


I had to devise a learning aid that would help a young child so I decided to write a book called “Suzie Goes to School” explaining what a child might expect when starting school.


I knew exactly, even at that early stage, how the books should be to the child: simple, to the point, fun and positive.


I also remember thinking, “I don’t think there are many books like these that are available for families” and the more I began writing about our own experiences, the more I learned that other families were experiencing these same situations.


I always called them “hurdles” which I knew we would overcome with time, and life would become easier. There are still a few to carry on climbing and always will be!


I also believe that had stories like these been around when my son was younger, they would have been a great help in explaining and processing new situations.


There are five published titles to date, these are:


Suzie goes on an Aeroplane


Suzie goes to the Hairdresser (a big thing for us)


Suzie’s Toilet Time (a big thing for us)


Suzie goes to a Funeral


Suzie’s Dressing up Day.


The next title to be launched, is going to be “Suzie’s New Food Day”, which is a story written with the idea that it encourages children to try new foods (Chicken Nuggets were all my son would eat for years, hence the reason for the new title).


We are also creating a character called Sammy, who will be making an appearance in a future title so as to appeal more to boys, this will be another exciting venture.


Suzie is a happy character that all children can relate to and “If Suzie can, so can you”.


If Suzie can help others then I know I am doing a good job!


Please check out the website to see the five titles listed above with taster pages, future titles, reviews and articles, plus a new 1 minute pilot for “Suzie Goes on an Aeroplane” which has been animated by Kingsley Creative.


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All the best,