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I am going to let you in on a bit of a secret........


"Why Panda-Education"???


My husband has called me "Panda" since we met 14 years ago! I don't really know why! I hope it's because I'm cute and cuddly looking and a fierce protector of all those close to me. I hope it's not because I have dark circles around my eyes!!


So, when I woke up one morning and he told me that he'd set me up with a domain name, a limited company and a website builder host, it came as no surprise that the name he'd chosen was Panda-Education.


You see, he is the reason for all of this. He believes in me like no-one ever has and pushes me to believe in myself a little bit more!


I love that I am now known as "The Panda" by so many people, not just my husband. I love that people see Panda's in several different forms (socks, sweets, keyring, necklaces, story characters) and they think of me!!! I love that people get so much enjoyment out of posts that I find interesting enough to share. I love that people read my website and reach out to me for advice. I love being "Panda" and I thank you all for being a part of that journey, but mostly, I thank my husband for making me a "Panda" in the first place, because not everything in life is black and white, especially this amazing multi-coloured adventure!


So, who is "The Panda"? Well.... As you know, I am a qualified teacher and a mum to 2 children. What you may not know is that my name is Sharon and I live in worcestershire, UK. I LOVE reading and I LOVE teaching but more than that, I LOVE combining those passions to find different ways to make learning fun. My aim is to show you how to make learning part of your everyday lives and to use simple materials found in your own home to inspire your children. I am driven by showing how 'simple is best' and 'learning is fun' and I cannot wait to build panda resources, tip cards and guides for you all to enjoy. This is me and I thank you!