Tips for the first timers
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Tips for the first timers! :-)

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Here at Panda HQ, I've asked some of my followers and fellow mums to help me offer advice to those who are heading to school for the first time. This time is so new, not just for the children, but the parents too. I'm with you all the way - remember that no question is silly and that we've all been where you are now xx


My top tips are - Walk away even when they're crying, walk away and call the school later to check they've settled if you're worried. The teachers will do everything they can to settle your child but if you cling it'll mean they cling every day and it'll take longer to separate. Separation is the hardest thing esp when they're upset but they will settle once you've gone I promise!


The other tip is - have something planned for their first day - don't go back to an empty house - it just feels wrong and plays on your mind! However, when you pick them up, you did nothing today okay?!


Also be mindful that their behaviour may be difficult on first few days/term!! They're taking alot in, learning new things, experiencing new things. They'll be tired and maybe cranky but don't worry. Always take an after school snack at pick up time to soften the blow!!!


My followers tips are - Yes having something planned, trip to park on way home is always ours or maybe a treat for after school... Definitely giving them something to look forward to seems to work! I always ask if anything funny or exciting happened too, if I ask how was your day.... Response.... Don't remember haha...


(This site has some good examples of questions to help with that -


And - It's a few years now since mine started school, but I remember for the first couple of weeks, just going with the flow after school. Routine is important, but those first couple of weeks while they settle in needs gentle acceptance. By this I mean, they may come home & fall asleep on the sofa. Don't worry, it doesn't affect their night time routine!


Also - I like thinking about the alternatives of asking 'how was your day?' so that it becomes a fun question rather than a mundane routine that gets very little response...this article had some good ones (


And - Making time to 'reconnect' with your child at the end of the school day - just a bit of uninterrupted time to cuddle/talk/read a book together - which is usually enough to ensure that you're emotionally attuned and that they feel secure/reassured at a time of change & separation x



For more great articles, I love these:



Good luck! I'm thinking of you x