The school nativity
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The school nativity

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I am walking down the corridor at work, past all the classrooms and all that I can hear is the sound of children singing, percussion playing, words being spoken and dancers strutting their stuff! You guessed it, it’s nativity time!


I LOVE December. I LOVE being in school in December. I LOVE nativities!


I work in Key Stage One and as the music co-ordinator, I am heavily involved in the Christmas Play. My job is to turn an ‘off the shelf’ play into a performance that will ensure that 180 children each get a role!


There are an amazing selection of Christmas plays for us schools to choose from. I get sent a numerous collection of booklets to trawl through in order to find the one that is just right for us. I mainly decide by the songs (catchy, fun, memorable) because the script can be adapted, but the songs can’t.


My colleagues are simply outstanding because upon receipt of the completed play (script, powerpoint, music, staging, characters…) they practise their scenes with such creative flair, enthusiasm and creativity that I’m sure they should be on the west end stage!


Then we begin to practise all together – to piece the jigsaw into a whole. This is where the children always make me glow inside with pride. They know when to come on stage, when to speak, when to act, when to play their instruments, when and how to dance and have learnt all the words of the songs to sing.


It sounds so perfect doesn’t it? It takes a lot of work and quite a few practises, a few grey hairs, and nights where the songs just don’t leave our heads, but mostly, yes, it is perfect, because the children make it so.


So, when you go to watch your child in their Christmas play this year I guarantee you that, as your heart is filling with pride and your eyes are filling with tears, that the teacher’s will be too (and yes, only a few of those will be tears of joy that it’s all over for another year!!!!!!)




Article originally written in 2014 for "Share My School". This website has sadly now stopped due to a personal move to Australia. I wish them well and thank them for all their support over the past 2 years.