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Wow! Wow! Wow!


I feel so privileged to be able to showcase the latest resource for you from Chatterbox Planet. You may remember that I have previously reviewed their story magnets in a blog post, but this time, they have updated their collection to include Fairytale magnets!



As before, the package arrived beautifully wrapped upon Panda HQ's doorstep and we couldn't wait to open it. I LOVE stories. I LOVE books. I feel blessed with a wonderful imagination that is a direct result of this passion and, now, my little Panda's are showcasing the same talents and interests in books.


As soon as my littlest Panda saw the magnets, he began to write his own story by substituting the main words with the magnets provided (See picture above - "Once there was a knight....") However, this is just one way of using this wonderfully open-ended resource. It is to be used freely, with the magnets providing ideas to help develop or focus the story; not to make the story develop in a certain way - this is up to the participant entirely, even if that story ends up sounding ludicrous to our adult ears!!



Storytelling is an art. A skill that is sadly decreasing. Storytelling evokes emotions, boosts vocabulary and can order thoughts inside young developing brains.

It is so important, and can also be so much fun!

(The following article is one of many on this subject - storytelling-for-children)



So, these magnets help to structure that storytelling process with concrete objects. I have written about this in the Reading section of my website.



There are some lovely games that are included with the set of magnets and these are a brilliant way to get started. We loved sitting together as a family and taking it in turns to place our magnet on the board to tell several funny family fairytale stories - goodies, baddies, drama, magic, mystery, happy ever after - the language was phenomenal (Game = "Chatter - Deal" - see picture below)


Don't be scared of stories. Don't worry if you "can't read well" or "don't enjoy reading". Resources like this take all that pressure away and allow stories to be invented and enjoyed.


Here, we laid the magnets from the story pack onto the board in clear sentences. We then spoke the story from beginning to end:


"An old lady and her dog went for a ride in their car. It was a beautiful day, so they decided to stop for an icecream. Soon, it was time to go. When they got home, it started to rain and with the sun, this made a rainbow. The end"


It was a lovely activity to complete together and we carried on mixing the cards up and making new stories.


Thank you Chatterbox Planet for making my little Panda's very happy :-)


For more, visit the Chatterbox planet website (