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January 2016


This week has been back to work and back to school, so, therefore, I've been saying "Happy new year" a lot!! It has sparked conversation and memories of our fun at Panda HQ on New Years Eve......


This year, I found lots of great ideas on the internet and I mixed these with my own ideas to create a magical day that my little Panda's really enjoyed.


First of all, I filled 6 balloons with a range of activities for us to do throughout the day and put them up around the house. It didn't matter in which order they were completed, as long as we had finished the one that we were doing! We love using balloons as a prop and have put many things in them over the years! On my daughter's 6th birthday, we placed 6 balloons on the floor of her room to wake up to. She had to pop them to reveal some treats (thank goodness that my hubby had a vice in his DIY stash for adding the small notebook that we chose to add!!!!) However, this particular idea came from How does she.



Here are the tasks that we had to complete......


Today is the last day of 2015. What an amazing year! You are wonderful children and we are so thankful to be your Mummy & Daddy, so let’s celebrate all that we have done, be thankful for what we have and look forward to more adventures together in 2016 xxxxx


Job 1:


Tomorrow is Grandma’s birthday. She can now eat flour, but has never tasted your biscuits. She loves fireworks, so we are going to make these.....

Our first job was to make firework biscuits, inspired by Nurturestore. This was personal to us (as well as lots of fun) because Grandma Panda was celebrating her birthday on New Years Day and these would make an ideal present for her.


Job 2:


We have the most amazing family and it has been wonderful to spend time with them this Christmas. We need to write thank you letters so that they know that too!


Job 3:


Let’s have some fun!! Grab a paper cup, a balloon and some pom-poms and let’s giggle!!


After writing our thank you letters our next balloon task was an idea from Red Ted Art. There was lots of fine motor skills used here with all the pinching activities, plus we had SOOOO much fun!!


Job 4:


Let’s get crafty! Tonight people will celebrate the new year with fireworks. Let’s get arty and make our own firework pictures! (From Learning4Kids)

Job 5:


Let’s play a game – can you place a jelly bean on each hour of the clock using just a straw??!!

The 5th balloon was from The Idea Room. An activity like this one really helps with speech development and co-ordination, but we just giggled and had fun!!


Job 6:


Play Daddy’s chocolate game – Roll a dice. If you roll a 6, put gloves and scarf on and cut chocolate with knife. Eat until someone else rolls a 6!


The last balloon asked us to play the chocolate game. This game is a childhood game of my husbands and the idea is that you need winter accessories, a dice, a block of chocolate and cutlery. When you roll a 6, you need to start putting on the winter accessories and then try to cut the chocolate with the cutlery! When someone else rolls a 6, it's their turn to have a go!!



6 jobs for 2016! The only thing left to do is to think about one thing that you have really enjoyed this year and one thing that you would like to do next year. We love you xxxx

new year

I hope you have liked what you have seen. What did you do with your little ones? Happy New Year!