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March 2016


With world book day upon us, I wanted to talk about one of my biggest passions - reading.


I love to read. For me, it's all about escapism and humour. The chance to delve into a fresh book and be transported to a new world is just pure bliss!


I am probably one of the very few people left who does not own a kindle or e-reader! I love the smell, look and feel of new books. I get excited bubbles in my tummy when I start a new one!!!


We read stories every night at Panda HQ. It's an ingrained part of our bedtime routine, plus it sneaks into daytime play too :-)


However, I wanted to focus on 2 things from this blog -

1. Anything is reading.

2. We are all different.


Anything is reading: Lots of parents worry that they are not reading correctly and they're cheating if they are not reading a book with their child. STOP! Reading is everywhere - the signs in a street, the instructions on a recipe/toy to build, food, children's names - the list is endless, we use our eyes to read more things than we realise. This is real life. This is the skill that we need to embrace with our children. If your child doesn't seem interested in books, read real life - point out the signs, look at the names on packaging, model how we use our eyes to help us every day (& for children who have limited or no vision, highlight the use of descriptive language - imagination and comprehension are key to reading ability. The spoken word is still story telling)


We are all different: Do a little test - ask your family/friends what they like to read? I expect that most of the answers will be different. It's so important that you expose your children to a range of reading materials because their favourite may well be different to yours! Try comic books, information books, manuals, recipes, instructions, adventure books, comedy, e-readers, easy readers, picture books,..... Or maybe no books at all. Some children just don't like reading. Tell them a story instead. Grab objects from around the house and make up any story. Encourage them to do it too. Characters, a beginning, a middle and an end. Complete nonsense if needed - just have fun!


For me reading is about time together and that is what makes it fun. Enjoy every second, because the best story I bet you'll ever tell will be the story of your little ones growing up :-)