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All about advent....

November 2015


The 1st of December is fast approaching and I love it! We have always used cloth advent calendars and I love the versatility that they provide. For years, I have hidden notes/clues within random numbers, so that my husband has to hunt around the house looking for his extra chocolate/sweetie treat!!


The mini Panda's receive the same treatment! Last year, now that my daughter understands jokes, we filled the advent calendars with Christmas jokes! The smiles on their faces were priceless, and we then kept all the jokes in a tub for the Christmas day dinner table to share with family :-)


This year I have been motivated by the "Acts of Kindness" ideas being shared throughout social media, so this year, we are doing these...... Each act will be cut up and put into a random number on the calendar.


Merry Christmas everyone!!!



Welcome to your advent challenges!! This year, you will receive acts of kindness tasks. You may come up with more acts of your own, but the idea is that they are acts that make other people feel happy. Christmas is all about giving and thinking of others. Enjoy!


Acts of kindness number 1: Leave a bookmark in your library book for someone else to receive. What will it say? How can you make another person feel happy?


Acts of kindness number 2: Give someone a compliment today – “You look lovely today” “I like the way that you….” How did it make you feel?


Acts of kindness number 3: Donate your unwanted toys, books & clothes to other children in need – take them to a charity shop/local hospital.


Acts of kindness number 4: Make sure that you say thank you to someone today. How did it make them feel?


Acts of kindness number 5: Help around the house without being asked to – tidy your toys, ask if you can help, do a job.


Acts of kindness number 6: Smile. Smiling is easy and happiness is contagious!


Acts of kindness number 7: Tell your parents one happy memory – what do they do that you love? Ask them to tell you what you do too. “I love how you….”


Acts of kindness number 8: Tell someone a joke today to make them smile


Acts of kindness number 9: Write nice messages in chalk on the floor for others to read as they walk along – “happy chrsitmas” “keep smiling” “thank you” …


Acts of kindness number 10: Write a thank you note for the bin men/postman and attach it to the bin/letterbox for them to find – “Merry Christmas! Thank you for all that you do for us"


When each task is completed, they will receive this....


Well done on completing your act of kindness challenge. This is to say thank you to you...


In order to reinforce these acts of kindness, the little pandas are using a really simple system - every time we notice them doing anything helpful or kind they add a pom pom or straw to the pot. Immediate positive response :-)



What will you be doing for advent this year? I'd love to hear you ideas!!