What to expect when your child starts school
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Those first few days of school

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You've shopped, measured, labelled and allowed them to try on the uniform, You're feeling really excited about the first day of your child's schooling journey but also feeling heavy-hearted that they are suddenly so grown up. So, what's next?


Reception classes differ in their approach to induction, Some will begin schooling full time from the first day, whereas others will be part time for a few weeks or even up to the first half term.


The teachers will be spending these first few weeks getting to know your child. They will conduct simple, informal assessments and these will usually be conducted through play. Play is heavily used within the early years of schooling as a tool for learning. You would be amazed at the amount that can be learnt about your child using this method. So, if your child comes home saying that they've played all day, this is most probably correct!! But believe me, a lot of learning will have happened too!!


Be prepared that after several years of knowing most of what your child does, you will eagerly ask them about their first day and be met with the answers - "Nothing" or "Can't remember". Don't despair. There will be so much for your child to take in and learn - class rules, new friends, routines, teachers names, new noises and sights that they will be exhausted and may not be able to vocalise their day to you. Try to narrow your questions - Did you eat lunch in the hall today? Did you go outside? Did you sit on the carpet? Did you play with .....? - Try to make each question specific so that you get a better response and be patient, even though if like me, you are eager to know every last detail!!


Remember to check your child's book bag every night for any letters and ensure that you find a convenient time to talk to your child's teacher about any concerns you have. See FAQs.


I wish you all well on the start of this most amazing adventure, with lots of ups and downs and a serious amount of learning curves. I am here to help however I can.