Top tips for starting school
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Top Tips for starting school

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Starting school is like entering a new job for all parents - a new language and a big checklist of things to buy and remember. I wanted to share with you my insights and tips to help to make that transition a little easier......


1. Remember your child won't be used to wearing his/her school shoes all day long - s/he has probably been in socks/bare feet/wellies/....... all summer. Their legs and feet may feel tired and heavy when the start school. Have a shoe wearing day at home in order to help this - a shoe fashion show - a treat day for the shoes!


2. Are you buying pe kits ready for September?? Velcro pe shoes are ace. Try them on with socks and make sure you can run fyour finger around the edge of the shoe - between foot and shoe. Also check what you need - school should have sent a list. My children's school do outdoor pe so they ask for trainers and wear bare feet mostly inside so no pumps needed.

Top tip - once bought, have a trying on session at home so your child is ready to get changed on their own at school in September and it's not so daunting the first time. Put all items in pe kit and play a game to put all items on. What do they do with the clothes they are wearing? Encourage the underwear to stay on! Can they tell which shoe goes on which foot?


3. Labels: I labelled everything apart from underwear. I used a fabric pen so that it was easier to label shoes etc. Label their pe & forest school bags too. But, make sure your little one sees their own labels/name written on their things prior to starting school so they know what to look for when they are getting changed for pe etc. There will be lots of clothing flying around so it's easier if they know - "that's mine"!


4: There will be lots of bookbags looking exactly the same when your little one starts school. These may go into an individual drawer, or they may go into a box. Either way, it helps if your little one can identify their own. It can also help anxious children to feel more secure. For my little boy, I hung a passport sized photo on a keyring on the handle of his bag. But you could use a coloured ribbon or put his/her favourite colour/sticker on the name part of the bag. Some schools don't like things hanging off bookbags so check with the school first.