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What are book bands?

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Several parents have had queries regarding book band levels, so I thought that I'd put this onto a separate page.


Look at reading in school for an insight into what reading will look like for your child at school.


The standard progression amongst most schools (From Reception to approximately Year 2) is:


Pink, Red, Yellow - usually 4-5 years

Blue, Green, Orange - usually 5-6 years

Turquoise, Purple, Gold - usually 6-7 years

White, Lime - usually 7-8 years


The progression into (approximately) Year 3 and beyond is as follows -

Brown, Grey, Dark Blue, Burgundy, Black


This is a rough guide - children work at their own pace. It is hard to not compare your child to their peers, but remember that each child has their own strengths and if reading is not their strength, something else will be. However, if you would like some tips on how to improve reading skills, please contact me.


NB - Schools may use their own individual book banding system which may differ from this, but this is the system in use in most schools - see F.A.Q's for more info