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All About Me

Firstly, can I just say thank you for taking the time to look at my website - I hope that you like it and that it will be useful for you.


So, why was Panda-Education created?


I have wanted to be a teacher since I was a little girl and my Grandad played 'teachers' with me! In 2001, my dream came true when I qualified as a teacher after completing a 4 year BA (Hons) QTS degree. I love my job and am extremely privileged to have worked alongside the most inspirational, dedicated and fun-filled colleagues and headteachers.


However, in 2008, my life changed forever as I became a Mum. My world was full of new experiences and a lot of doubts, but I am now blessed with two beautiful children whom I love more than words can say.


This change continued when, in 2012, my eldest child, started school. I then discovered what it is like to see education from a parents perspective and it has made me a completely different teacher as a result. My fellow mums were asking me questions on the playground and I realised that education, as an experience, is so different for parents who do not know what to expect.


So, Panda-Education was born!


Here is a chance for parents to gain an insight into the curriculum; to find out what their child does at school and how to prepare them for this. I have helped so many of my friends through this daunting time of change and I hope that I can be there to help you too.





See some of my tips for preparing for school and find out about the fabulous, yet mysterious world of phonics!