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Welcome to Panda-Education


Thank you for joining me. I hope that you like what you see on this website and that you find it useful. I am proud and thankful to be recommended by parents and supported by schools.


This website is designed to provide you, as parents and guardians, with educational links, hints, tips and advice, all in one place. After all, not everything in life is black and white.....especially in education!


I am a qualified teacher and a mummy to 2 little Pandas of my own. Therefore, I have experienced both sides of the school gate, and have seen so many parents struggle with the system, feeling shut out and confused. You can learn more about Panda-Education, and me, in the All About Me section.


Your child starting school is such a major milestone in both theirs and your lives and I look forward to working alongside you on this incredible journey.


Please let me know if I can help you in any way, and I hope that you also enjoy interacting with Panda on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.



Free downloads, just for you, to say thank you for your support x